The Linux pcmcia-cs Package

The Linux pcmcia-cs package is officially deprecated. It can only be used with 2.4 and older kernels. Current information on PCMCIA support for recent 2.6 kernels is available here.

Card Services for Linux is a complete PCMCIA support package. It includes a set of loadable kernel modules that implement a version of the PCMCIA 2.1 Card Services applications program interface, a set of client drivers for specific cards, and a card manager daemon that can respond to card insertion and removal events, loading and unloading drivers on demand. It supports ``hot swapping'' of PCMCIA cards, so cards can be inserted and ejected at any time.

The current package supports many ethernet cards, modems and serial cards, several SCSI adapters, most ATA/IDE devices, and some SRAM and FLASH memory cards. All the common PCMCIA controllers are supported, so it should run on just about all Linux-capable laptops.

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