Use this page to discuss PCMCIA power management and APM issues. Before posting, be sure you've checked any relevant sections of the PCMCIA-HOWTO, such as: Particularly useful bits of information to post include your laptop's make and model; the type(s) of card(s) you are using; your linux distribution; and, of course, any relevant system log messages.

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1. Sad no data flows following suspend on Vaio PCG-N505VE by Barak Pearlmutter, 1999, Dec 15
1. None Looks like interrupts have been switched off by David Hinds, 1999, Dec 15
1. None Re: Looks like interrupts have been switched off by Barak Pearlmutter, 1999, Dec 16
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2. Ok Untitled by Martin Sillence, 2000, Mar 15
2. Sad aha152x_cs and apm -suspend by Christian Gennerat, 2000, Jan 10
3. Sad Card not recognised when on battery power on Toshiba laptop by Brian Mays, 2000, Feb 19
1. None Oh well; I thought this was fixed in 3.1.3 by David Hinds, 2000, Feb 21
4. Question linux-2.3.47 (and earlier) by Lutz, 2000, Feb 24
5. Ok Success with suspend/resume between networks by Steinar Bang, 2000, May 14
6. None Network not resuming after system resumes: Xircom & Dell by Jeff Key, 2000, Aug 03
1. None It is a known bug by David Hinds, 2000, Aug 03
(_ None Thanks, hope? by Jeff Key, 2000, Aug 03
(_ None There is always hope by David Hinds, 2000, Aug 03
7. Warning Suspend crashes if X is running by David Brooks, 2000, Aug 04

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