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Sad aha152x_cs and apm -suspend 

Forum: PCMCIA Power Management and APM
Date: 2000, Jan 10
From: Christian Gennerat c_gennerat

aha152x_cs and apm -suspend (with CD.rom Vendor:RICOH Model:MP6200S Rev:2.03)


Now, the command scsi_info is executed for all commands. After a suspend/resume, scsi_info, which includes an open of the scsi device, waits about 6 minutes before any reply.

I suggest to move (and duplicate) the following group into each branch where it is needed, i.e: start, stop, and cksum.

    # get SCSI_ID
    eval `/sbin/scsi_info /dev/$DEVICE` || usage
    . $0.opts

After a suspend/resume, the scsi device is not operationnal, I must execute a 'cardctl eject' which takes about 6 minutes, if no running task is using the mounted filesystem /cdrom, and then 'cardctl insert', and all is fine.

Obviously, when I do not forget to unmount /cdrom and stop the scsi device with 'cardctl eject', it is still better!

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