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Warning Oops (not backtraceable, sorry) 

Forum: 3Com PCMCIA Ethernet Adapter Issues
Date: 1999, Nov 25
From: Valentijn Sessink Valentijn

I had a rather bad Oops with a 3c575TX card. Inserted it, then suspended the laptop, resumed.

Resetting it, eject, reinsert, card didn't react... another eject ... ifconfig eth0


Kernel unable to handle kernel pagin request at virutal address c430b4cc.

Then immediately another at the same address, "Aiee, killing interrupt handler, Kernel panic: Attempted to kill the idle task.

As the Sony Vaio F304 is in coma now, I cannot find out the how-or-what. Just FYI (this won't make sense since I cannot tell you in which module this is, but I'm not a kernel hacker either so "who knows" someone can still read this...)

Unable to handle... paging req at c430b4cc tss.cr3=00101000, %cr3= same pde 03fd1063 pte =0 oops: 0 cpu0 eip: 10:c430b4cc eflags: 10246 registers: 0, c39f2a20, cs c01dc7d4, c1dbe448 c430b4cc 34 c01f1f4c, c01f1f34 ds: 18, es: 18, ss: 18

stack: 1 c0219940 00486433 1 1 c01f0000 c01f1f60 c01184c5 1 c01f0000 c010af57 0 c010abb8 1 c3222000 ....

call trace: c01185c5 c010af57 c010abb8 c0108635 c0106000...

another Oops: kernel page req c430b4cc regs: 0 0 c430b4cc c38f2000 c0100176 c01f2000 c4000000 c01f1e74 18 18 18

stack c01f0000 c01f1f4c c0202d8e c430b4cc 34 c01f1f4c 0 c39f2a20 c01dc7d4 c1dbe448 c430b4cc 00010246 03ff0000 ...

call trace: c430b4cc c430b4cc c4800000 c010a238 c01b34d8 c01b4ace c010f250 c01b4ace c430b4cc c0109e79 c430b4cc...

code: 8a 04 0b 89 44 24 38 50 68 d0 34 1b c0 e8 59 9b 00 00 83 c4


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