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Sad Just tried that

Re: None Maybe a PCI interrupt issue? (David Hinds)
Date: 1999, Dec 12
From: Marcus Fawcett menlor

I just went and tried that after leaving the message, no luck there. That error message was on the console and /var/log/messages doesn't add any more information :( I've also messed with poll_interval and probe_io=0...

After all of this (and all while typing this up) I rebooted and it was working (very odd). I then decided to try and narrow down which options were actually getting it to work and it broke again. Putting it back again with all those options ("irq_list=10 do_scan=0 pci_int=1 poll_interval=100 pci_csc=1" and "probe_io=0" for CORE_OPTS) and trying restarting pcmcia, etc and even rebooting (in case something wierd happened with that) and it still won't get working again, I think I'm even more baffled now :(

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1. Ok okay, it's working, but... by Marcus Fawcett, 1999, Dec 12

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