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Sad 3c575 oopses 

Forum: 3Com PCMCIA Ethernet Adapter Issues
Date: 1999, Dec 19
From: Valentijn Sessink Valentijn

I tried the 3.1.7 version of the PCMCIA drivers.

This oops'es the kernel sometimes, just as 3.1.5 did. The message as posted dec. 08 is still valid.

I found out that inserting/removing while the previous insert/removal has not been finished is a bad thing (yes of course it is, still I hope the kernel oops in this case is not a feature ;-)

I tried a couple of inserts/removals one after another, then again an oops occured at c015adb3. The other oopses as described in the 12-08 message did occur too.

I hope this helps - and I'm sorry that these oopses occur in regular kernel code (can you do anything about this anyway?)

I would like to make clear that I find the PCMCIA package extremely useful; wonderful "Configure" script and very nice and well thought /etc/pcmcia/-scripts; wonderful job, really great!


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