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Question Found on external power, not on battery 

Forum: 3Com PCMCIA Ethernet Adapter Issues
Date: 2000, Jan 03
From: Michael Smith <>

Here's a strange one.

Toshiba Portege 7000, 3Com Megahertz LAN 10/100, model 3CCFE574BT.

On initial boot, the system doesn't recognize the card (treats it as "unknown memory"). The sequence 'cardctl eject'/ 'cardctl insert' after the system is up will cause the card to be recognized successfully and run like a champ, UNLESS the computer is running on battery power (i.e. without the external power connected). On battery power the system will not find the card, either at boot time or afterward.

The BIOS powersave options are not set to slow things down on battery.

This is Slackware 4, kernel 2.2.6, pcmcia-cs 3.0.14.

Any insights would be very much appreciated!

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1. None I think it's already fixed by David Hinds, 2000, Jan 03

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