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Forum: 3Com PCMCIA Ethernet Adapter Issues
Re: Question poor transfer rate with 3CCFE575BT card (Nicola Botta)
Date: 2000, Jan 14
From: Nicola Botta nicola

Today I reconfigured IP address, gateway etc. and I tried to 
connect to another network. The results are quite upsetting:

1) I do get between 200 Kbytes / s on ftp file transfer to a 
local machine and 1-10 Kbytes / s when I try to ftp to or
from a remote machine.

2) Two ftp transfer (to a local and to a remote machine) at
the same time run both at 1-10 Kbytes / s.

3) the connection seems to brake down for some time (during
this time I cannot ping other machines or I do get "host
unreachable" like messages). After a while I can ping again
with no package losses and reasonable round-trip timings.

Yesterday I tried another 3Com card (ethernet + modem) and it
worked smoothly at 200 Kbytes / s.

Do you have any suggestion ? Do you think I should give
the card back and try with another one ?

thanks for your attention and have a nice weekend !

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