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None I don't think the card is the problem 

Forum: 3Com PCMCIA Ethernet Adapter Issues
Re: Question 3com 3c574_cs (3CCFE574BT) link beat problems (Jason Puyleart)
Date: 2000, Mar 08
From: David Hinds <>

This is not really helpful, but I don't think this is a PCMCIA issue.
I think it is just a DHCP issue.  I don't know how to diagnose why the
DHCP request is failing... but the ethernet interface is operating
correctly, as far as I can tell.

The "did not autonegotiate" message is not a problem.  It just means
that your cable modem doesn't support the link protocol for selecting
a 100baseT or full duplex connection, so the card is just running at
10baseT.  That is fine, as you are sending and receiving packets

Perhaps your cable connection does not support ordinary DHCP
requests.  If you try to run dhcpcd a second time, by hand, does it
fail again?

-- Dave

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