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None Driver version mismatch, Debian package issue 

Forum: 3Com PCMCIA Ethernet Adapter Issues
Re: Question Megahertz (3Com) 3CXFE575BT Driver Errors (Louis Trumpbour)
Date: 2000, Apr 04
From: David Hinds <>

It is hard for me to tell exactly what is going on without the actual
system log messages.  However...

If the 3c575_cb driver is complaining about an unknown adapter type,
that means that your 3c575_cb driver is a version that is too old to
support this card.  You say you installed the Debian 3.1.13 pcmcia-cs
package.  This includes the user level tools and configuration files
for 3.1.13, but the kernel modules are in the pcmcia-kernel package.
So you are probably running some old kernel modules, and you probably
have a warning in your system log from cardmgr, saying that the
versions don't match.  The PCMCIA-HOWTO mentions this Debian
``feature'' in the section describing different Linux distributions.

I don't recommend using CardBus devices on 2.0.* kernels.  It may work
ok, but the PCI support in 2.0.* has some serious limitations.  It
turns out that you are more or less at the mercy of your BIOS, and on
less well behaved systems, CardBus just won't work.

-- Dave

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