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None Re: Sad: transmit but not receive with 3c574 and 3c589 cards 

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Re: Sad transmit but not receive with 3c574 and 3c589 cards
Date: 2000, Apr 28
From: David Hinds <>

I don't think I can follow your reconstruction of this discussion so I
think you should start from scratch and describe your problem.  In
part of the discussion I read "receive but not transmit", in another
part, "transmit but not receive".  And I'm getting lost counting ">"

My instinct is that the linux network drivers are behaving fine, and
this is some sort of network configuration issue.  You should check
your system log, however, to verify that the drivers are not reporting
link problems.

It is also unclear what combinations of things you've tried.  You say
things worked OK with the 3c589 with DHCP with certain kernels.  So
have you tried DHCP with whatever kernel you're running now?  Did you
also use the 3c574 in that setup?  What kernel are you using now?  Are
you using the kernel PCMCIA modules, or the separate PCMCIA package?

Also, you describe your network settings, but they don't appear to
match your tcpdump output (the tcpdump output shows traffic for a
different network).  Also tcpdump was running on "eth1": do you have a
second ethernet interface in this system?

-- Dave

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