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Question Difference between pcmcia-cs and RedHat's kernel-pcmcia-cs?? 

Forum: PCMCIA driver development
Date: 1999, Dec 26
From: Scott Petrack scott.petrack

I need to start looking at the pcmcia sources in order to solve a problem I posted elsewhere. I am running RedHat 6.1. The first thing I notice is that David Hind's package is called pcmcia-cs, and what I have installed seems to be kernel-pcmcia-cs:

[root@scott /tmp]# rpm -qa | grep pcmcia


I'm about to go get the source from RedHat, but perhaps you could save me some trouble by telling me how I use your code on a RedHat system? Is it as simple as uninstalling the RedHat kernel-pcmcia-cs package and then compiling/installing the pcmcia-cs package?

The only reason I'm doing this is

a) to get some debug information about why my system won't recognize my modem card. The kernel-pcmcia-cs drivers seem to be compiled with no debug info.

b) to fix the problem if I can. I assume that the RedHat release doesn't use the latest sources.


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