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Question PCMCIA / linux kernel sync process? 

Forum: PCMCIA driver development
Date: 2000, Feb 08
From: bob kuehne 3bob

dave, et al,

[note - i just wrote this gigantic email. if you want
the question, skip to the bottom]

i have been using the pcmcia stuff from you for a bit now,
and have just downloaded the latest linux (2.3.42 at this
point in time) kernel to play with. the pcmcia stuff there
seems different than in the latest from the pcmcia tree
(i use 3.1.9, but i'm getting around to 3.1.10).

my question stems from the fact that under the 2.3.42 kernel,
i experience different/broken pcmcia behavior which i didn't
when i used a 2.2 kernel with pcmcia 3.1.9. (if anyone is
interested, i have an oem ecom 10/100 pc card which is
recognized, works, etc, under the kernel 2.3.42, but
when i eject it, the system hangs. other issues include
that my aironet4800 card, which _allegedly_ has drivers
in the 2.3.42 stuff, doesn't get recognized. ok, so this
is a long-winded way of getting to the point/question.
which is:

what process do you use to merge the pcmcia tree, and
the linux kernel tree. will we see the two merged in
the 2.3 timeframe? secondly, are 3.odd.* pcmcia
kernels labeled similarly as the linux kernel convention,
that is, that 3.odd.* is development, and 3.even.* is 

thanks for the newbie q/a.

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