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Re: Question PCMCIA / linux kernel sync process? (bob kuehne)
Re: None The process is still being worked out (David Hinds)
Re: None more kernel 2.3.42 vs pcmcica 3.1.10 (bob kuehne)
Date: 2000, Feb 09
From: David Hinds <>

> how true. i thought i'd just glom 2.3.42 and i'd not
> have to reinstall the 3.1 pcmcia stuff - what optimism. :)

If you are not so interested in helping debug the PCMCIA code in the
kernel, you can try the latest beta PCMCIA package.  I made a few
changes so that it should build correctly on a 2.3.42 or later kernel
with PCMCIA completely turned off in the kernel.  I've only tested
with a couple cards but it seems to all work correctly.  My plan is to
gradually migrate the standalone package to use the 2.3.* interfaces,
and hopefully gradually converge with the 2.3.* kernel PCMCIA stuff,
and shake out the bugs in the process.  I think the changes Linus made
in the 2.3.* tree were too much all at once, and the 2.3.* tree is so
broken that debugging is almost impossible.

> undoubtedly. one of the biggest problems i noticed was
> simply that of confusion.

This is an unfortunate feature of how kernel configuration is done;
PCMCIA driver options are not grouped together, just as PCI drivers
are not grouped together.  This is partly why for the standalone
PCMCIA package, I just bag it and require that you build everything
whether you need it or not: building 20 or so driver modules only
takes a couple minutes, doesn't have any run-time downside, and avoids
a lot of configuration headaches.

> ok. is there a convention to signify which is stable, or is
> there simply an accepted last-known-stable version?

There is a convention that when I bump the first or middle number
(like 2.8.23 to 3.0.0, or 3.0.14 to 3.1.0), that's a bigger change,
and you should expect ".m" versions to be less stable than ".n" where
m is less than n.  That isn't always true, but that's my goal.  I post
experimental snapshots to and these
are identified by date of release.

-- Dave

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