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Question Are pcmcia clients in the kernel supported? 

Forum: PCMCIA driver development
Date: 1999, Nov 05
From: Bas Vermeulen TallGuy

I've been using kernel 2.3.18 on my laptop, with the pcnet_cs and a custom driver compiled into the kernel. This worked very well (no more need for modules), until I upgraded to 2.3.25, where the cardmgr couldn't find the correct driver any more.
I upgraded the cardmgr to 3.1.3 (I was using 3.0.7 for 2.3.18), and it still wouldn't work.

So my question is this: Is it officially supported to compile pcmcia client drivers into the kernel? (If it is, it ain't working at the moment, at least not for me).


Bas Vermeulen

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1. None The kernel PCMCIA system is incomplete and experimental by David Hinds, 1999, Nov 05

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