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Question please give me some hints on writing pcmcia drivers 

Forum: PCMCIA driver development
Date: 2000, Mar 12
From: Shao Zhang shao

Hi, I am writing a pcmcia device driver as my thesis. I have read David Hinds' PCMCIA-HOWTO and PCMCIA-PROG, but I still have no idea how to start it.

I have no experence in writing device drivers, not to mention PCMCIA. Could someone please give me some pointers for me to get started?

The card I am working on is a data acquasition card from National Instruments. There are source code for a very similar card, and it uses rtlinux. Is this necessary for all PCMCIA cards, or is it just for the data acquasition card, or it is purely optional?

If you may find my questions are very stupid. I am sorry for my lack of knowledge on this topic, but I really need your help to get started.



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Re: Question please give me some hints on writing pcmcia drivers (Shao Zhang)
Date: 2000, Mar 13
From: David Hinds <>

If you have no device driver experience, you should probably start by
buying a book about the linux kernel (like "Linux Device Drivers" for
example).  The Linux PCMCIA Programmer's Guide is a fairly complete
description of everything that is unique to PCMCIA drivers.  And the
"dummy_cs" driver included in the Linux PCMCIA package shows how to
use all the PCMCIA specific stuff in a real driver.  And you also have
all sorts of examples of PCMCIA drivers to look at, and even a driver
for a very similar card...

rtlinux is certainly not necessary for all PCMCIA cards.  Presumably
it was used for the data acquisition card because this driver needed
to be very timing sensitive.  You could contact that driver author for
more information or advice.

-- Dave
please give me some hints on writing pcmcia drivers

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