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Question Direct (no chipset) PCMCIA support 

Forum: PCMCIA driver development
Date: 2000, Apr 27
From: Richard Smith smithbone

I am developing a product for a customer that requires wirless access. We want to interface directly to a webgear Aviator 2.4 LAN card.

The trick is that we want to use a DSP to talk to it and we would like to do it without using a chipset.

I know this isn't really linux related but I might be able to contribute some knowledge back the specific card driver since I will have the hardware to play with and intimate knowledge of working with the card.

Anyone got any ideas how complex this will be and perhaps some pointers on good info. PCMCIA want $300 for a copy of the spec. Ack. and we probally need 90% of it.

All I need to do is talk to the card. No hot swap, notifiers or anything like that. Just set it up and send/receive data to it.

So how crazy are we?

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