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Forum: PCMCIA driver development
Re: Question Direct (no chipset) PCMCIA support (Richard Smith)
Date: 2000, Apr 27
From: David Hinds <>

I don't think it is particularly crazy.  I've heard of similar things;
for instance, ATA/IDE cards that can either be used as PCMCIA cards,
or connected directly to an ISA bus with no glue logic.  Some embedded
processors implement PCMCIA support by having a few general purpose IO
lines that are used for PCMCIA chip selects, and then hooking up their
regular address and data bus to the PCMCIA connector.

As for information you would need, it seems likely that you would want
the electrical spec from the PCMCIA standards.  Datasheets for PCMCIA
bridges will also cover a lot of this, including pinouts and timing

-- Dave

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