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None Re: Sad: system hang upon pcmcia subsystem start 

Forum: PCMCIA driver development
Re: Sad system hang upon pcmcia subsystem start (Tonko de Rooy)
Date: 2000, May 31
From: David Hinds <>

A quick fix might be to just build the 3.1.8 PCMCIA driver release for
your new kernel.

The interrupt configuration code in post-3.1.8 packages is somewhat
different and is the most likely issue.  I assume that you are getting
hangs whether or not your CardBus card is inserted; you should check
that.  I'm surprised that you're having trouble, though, because the
Thinkpads tend to be well behaved (and I do my development mostly on a
770 series).

There are some suggestions for debugging startup problems in the
PCMCIA-HOWTO.  I'd probably start by trying to load the pcmcia_core
and i82365 modules by hand, with kernel messages sent to the console,
to see exactly where the lockup happens.

Then I'd try setting:


in /etc/sysconfig/pcmcia.

-- Dave

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1. Question it now works by Tonko de Rooy, 2000, Jun 04

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