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Question what combo will work with parport_cs driver 

Forum: PCMCIA driver development
Date: 2000, Jul 16
From: fletch

I looked through the bugs file and found the mention of the parport_cs driver being broke in kernel 2.3.6 and would be fixed in later versions of the 2.3 kernel. The reason that I need to use the 2.3 kernel is that it supports ieee1284 hardware transfer modes (ecp/epp) and the 2.2 kernel does not. The quatech card is a pcmcia card that supports the epp operation mode, which allows a faster data transfer speed. I have a data acquisition system which utilizes the epp mode of a desktop parallel port, but I would like to make my system a little more portable, hence the quatech pcmcia card.

I am familiar with the parallel port drivers for 2.3 and 2.2 kernels, but not as familiar with the pcmcia card services. 
 I would be happy to test any beta patches that you may have for the parallel port card services in the 2.3 kernel. 
 If you could point to the direction where parallel port card services were stopped, I may be able to do some work on that too.  
Thanks for any help.

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