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None The memory_cb driver is not very bright 

Forum: PCMCIA driver development
Re: Question Accessing mapped memory of a cardbus pc-card (Patrick Osterloh)
Date: 1999, Nov 19
From: David Hinds <>

The memory_cb driver has some dumb code for reading and writing, that
doesn't give control over the bus transfer sizes.  For memory regions,
it does in fact do 16-bit transfers, because I used a helper function
that was written with the 16-bit PCMCIA interface in mind.

You cannot do things like this:

> extern volatile u_int *mem_start = 0xa0000000;
> *memstart = 0x12345678;

because the card's memory is not mapped into your virtual address
space.  It should be possible to extend the memory_cb driver to allow
this (with a mmap call), but I'm not really clear on how to do that.

Anyway, I will modify the memory_cb driver to use 32-bit transfers
whenever possible.  The change will be in the next beta drivers.

-- Dave

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