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Question copy data to user space 

Forum: PCMCIA driver development
Date: 2000, Aug 09
From: lei sun lei

Hi all:
   I am writting device driver for a PCMCIA data accquistion card. Now PCMCIA part has been taken cared of. and I can read the data from register in the driver code. However when I implement the *_read() function and use copy_to_user() to copy the data to user space. I can't actually get the data from my user program. my code looks like this:

driver code:

daq_read(struct inode *inode, struct file *file,
        char *buf, unsigned long count)
   unsigned short *value;
   value = kmalloc(sizeof(unsigned short), GFP_KERNEL);
   /* device specific code */
   if (__copy_to_user(buf, value, count))
         printk("error: __copy_to_user\n");
         return -EFAULT ;

test user code:

int main()
    unsgined short *buff;
    buff = malloc(sizeof(unsigned short));
    fd = open("/dev/daq", O_RDONLY);
    read(fd, (char *)buff, sizeof(unsigned short));
    printf("buff=0x%x\n", *buff);
    return 0;

when I load the driver and try to run the test program. I always trigger that error "error: __copy_to_user", looks like the system call failed. I'v ever tried copy_to_user(), but it didn't work. 
   Anybody can give me some suggestion and ideas? I would highly appreciate it!!
THank you !

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