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None Re: The "hot card" reports have not been sorted out 

Forum: PCMCIA driver development
Re: Question Burning hot pc card (Daniel R. Gilliam)
Re: None The "hot card" reports have not been sorted out (David Hinds)
Date: 2000, Aug 29
From: Daniel Gilliam drgillia

Dear Dave,

Ok, I tried switching slots; no dice.  Card still roasts.  I checked the=
cardctl status, and it's showing 5.0v.  I didn't have the cdrom card in.=
I guess I could be a hardware heat thing...that side of the computer in =

general gets pretty hot.  BUT, would the APM stuff affect heat to other =

parts, i.e., the motherboard, processor, etc.?  The battery, HD, and ram=
are all on the other, cooler, side of the computer, as is the floppy.  S=
really, the processor I guess would be the only thing left. Which brings=
me to my next concern =96 if apm, or card services, or a combination of =

both, is causing my mb/processor to get overly hot, then what sort of=20=

damage am I liable to incur?  Wonder if I'm going to have to revert to=20=

(Heaven forbid!) Windows, just to protect the hardware?

Thanks for the input,

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On 8/28/00, 8:20:39 PM, David Hinds <> wrote regarding=
The "hot card" reports have not been sorted out:

> >
> > Any other ideas?

> No, not without more testing.  At least some of the reports of hot
> cards seem to just be that other things in the systems are getting hot=

> and transfering heat to the card(s).  Windows may be doing a better
> job of power management in general, so the fact that the card doesn't=

> get hot in Windows doesn't necessarily mean that the PCMCIA drivers
> are at fault.

> The 'cardctl status' command will show what voltages are being
> supplied to each socket.

> -- Dave

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