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Question PCMCIA card reader problems with ISA controller 

Forum: PCMCIA ATA/IDE Device Issues
Date: 2000, Feb 25
From: Steve McClure smcclure

I can't get my card reader to work correctly on my desktop machine.  I get a high low beep sequence whenever I insert a CompactFlash card.

dmesg output:
Linux PCMCIA Card Services 3.1.10
  kernel build: 2.0.36 #3 Sat Oct 2 12:56:34 EDT 1999
  options:  [pci] [cardbus]
Intel PCIC probe:
  VIA VT83C469 ISA-to-PCMCIA at port 0x3e0 ofs 0x00
    host opts [0]: [ring]
    host opts [1]: [ring]
    ISA irqs (default) = none! polling interval = 1000 ms
cs: IO port probe 0x03e0-0x03e1: clean.
cs: memory probe 0x0d0000-0x0dffff: clean.

When I insert the card I get this from dmesg:
ide_cs: GetNextTuple: No more items

cardctl ident reports:
Socket 0:
  product info: "CL ATA FLASH CARD LEXAR  ", "TORNADO", "V.00E"
  manfid: 0x4e01, 0x0200  function: 4 (fixed disk)
Socket 1:
  no product info available

PCIC_OPTS="irq_list=, poll_interval=100"

# Local PCMCIA Configuration File
# System resources available for PCMCIA devices
##include port 0x100-0x4ff, port 0x1000-0x17ff
#include memory 0xc0000-0xfffff, memory 0xa0000000-0xa0ffffff
include port 0x3e0-0x3e1
include memory 0xd0000-0xdffff
# Extra port range for IBM Token Ring#
#include port 0xa00-0xaff
## Resources we should not use, even if they appear to be available
# First built-in serial portexclude irq 4
# Second built-in serial port
#exclude irq 3# First built-in parallel port
exclude irq 7
## Options for loadable modules
# To fix sluggish network with IBM ethernet adapter...#module "pcnet_cs" opts "mem_speed=600"
# Options for Xircom Netwave driver...#module "netwave_cs" opts "domain=0x100 scramble_key=0x0"

#module "ide_cs" opts "irq_list=10,11,14"module "ide_cs" opts "irq_list=14"

and finally strace reports this which looks the ioctl in cardmgr.c for DS_GET_DEVICE_INFO:
ioctl(1, 0xc050643d, 0x8059bd8)         = -1 EAGAIN (Resource temporarily unavailable)

I've tried different incantations of irq_list, poll_interval, etc.  It does work in Win95 with the port and memory listed above. It uses IRQ 14 in Win95.

I have my second serial and both IDE controllers disabled in my BIOS.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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