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None Changes to the IDE driver that should help 

Forum: PCMCIA ATA/IDE Device Issues
Re: None Smartmedia 15 second freeze (J. Schmid)
Re: None For now, that's just the way it is (David Hinds)
Re: None kernel knows about flash (J. Schmid)
Date: 2000, Apr 05
From: David Hinds <>

In the 2.3.* tree, in drivers/block/ide.c, the drive_is_flashcard()
function looks like:

 if (drive->removable && id != NULL) {
  if (id->config == 0x848a) return 1;

so you can try adding that check to the 2.2.* kernel.  You can also
prevent the lockup (but not the delay before the drive is usable) by
editing drivers/block/ide-probe.c and changing delay_50ms() to look

 static void delay_50ms (void)
  current->state = TASK_UNINTERRUPTIBLE;

-- Dave

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