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None 15 second freeze solved, lockups remain 

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Re: None Smartmedia 15 second freeze (J. Schmid)
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Re: None kernel knows about flash (J. Schmid)
Re: None Changes to the IDE driver that should help (David Hinds)
Date: 2000, Apr 08
From: J. Schmid jds

Thank you for the reply,
 if (drive->removable && id != NULL) {
   if (id->config == 0x848a) return 1;
solves the 15 second freeze.

The lockups are not solved by the change you suggested, there is nothing reproducible as I claimed in my last mail based on three lockups, they occur irregularly.

When I use setup_delay=500, the happy beeps come after 5 seconds if it works, the crash / hda-spin-down is instantaneous if it doesn't work i.e. before the card is powered up!

If it works, there seems to be no difference between inerting the adaper and then the smartmedia or the other way round.

Inserting the smartmedia into the adapter and then the adapter into the laptop seems more reliable (maybe even _reliable_) at this point.

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1. None I don't know what to suggest for the lockups by David Hinds, 2000, Apr 10

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