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Question Can a card permenantly damage a particular IRQ?

Date: 2000, Apr 02
From: John Ruttenberg rutt

I have this Olympus MA-2E smartmedia adaptor and I also have a history of notebook computers with pcmcia that didn't seem to work quite right. I recently got a new Dell inspiron 5k. After a little work (the scan didn't seem to work right.) I was able to get pcmcia working with my network cards on IRQ 9. (My wavelan card hated IRQ 3 but my 3com card worked on both IRQ 3 and IRQ 9. The wavelan card would cause the system to freeze when used on IRQ3.)

Anyway after a few days of using the computer, I tried to insert my Olympus card. My computer instantly hung (nothing in the SYSLOG.) Fine. I can understand that. So I restarted without the Olympus card and just the wavelan card. It froze as soon as it tried to use the network. Eventually I limited the irq_list to just 10 and now the wavelan card works again.

Could I have zapped IRQ 9 with the Olympus card? Does this story make any sense?

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1. None I can't really tell what's going on here by David Hinds, 2000, Apr 03

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