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Question EXP CDROM 940  

Forum: PCMCIA ATA/IDE Device Issues
Date: 1999, Dec 09
From: Paul Mc Clure pmcclure

I am desperatly trying to get this PC-Card Cdrom to work.
Cardmgr reports in syslog:
Unsupported card in socket 0
    product info: "EXP   ", "CDROM", "L2", ""

In the pcmcia docs it says that my card is supported but in paren's next to it is says not all of them. I have added an entry in /etc/pcmcia/config that matches this product info and binds it with ide_cs.

My question is, how can i find out where this is going wrong. It apears the card is "Seen" and reports it's "name" ok and there is an entry in the config file but i have no idea if the ide_cs driver is not seeing it or working with it. Any ideas on how to get this to work or to get more info?

Thanks Alot

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1. Note Paul Mc Clure by Paul Mc Clure, 1999, Dec 09
2. None Sorry: you are out of luck by David Hinds, 1999, Dec 09

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