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Note Paul Mc Clure 

Forum: PCMCIA ATA/IDE Device Issues
Re: Question EXP CDROM 940 (Paul Mc Clure)
Date: 1999, Dec 09
From: Paul Mc Clure pmcclure

Well i have gotten alittle farther. It turns out that the config line in /etc/pcmcia/config had a "-" in the cdrom (i.e. it read cd-rom) while the card reported "cdrom". I removed the dash and now the card is identified ok but the ide_cs drive has some problems. :( In syslogd: Cardmgr: Executing 'insmode /lib/modules/2.2.10/pcmcia/ide_cs.o' kernel: ide_cs: GetNextTuple: No more itmes Cardmgr: Get dev info on Socket 0 failed: Resource temporarily unavailabe.

So what i'm guesing is the drive is asked for some info from the card but there is none to give.. What is a Tuple? Does any one have any ideas on how to get this to work? I have the source and will start going through it but i'd hate to just chop some part out or something. If some one has ANY ideas or knowledge to add please reply. I'd greatly apriciate it. I will also read the PCMCIA programers HOWTO and if i figure it out i will post the solution back to here.

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