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Feedback more on Zip100 problem 

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Re: Question problem with Archos Zip100 (Ulrich Lauther)
Re: None More information? (David Hinds)
Date: 2000, Jun 10
From: Ulrich Lauther lauther

with the 3.1.14 version that came precompiled with Slakware
7.0 the computer froze with any hot-swap, independent of the
card type, Xircom or Zip100.
The modem worked when inserted before booting, the Zip100
showed the same error as under 3.1.15.

Now with 3.1.15, the Xircom Modem works fine, the Zip100
not at all. Inserting at boot-time or hot-swapping does'nt
make a difference. I always get:

ide_cs: ide_register() at 0x100 & 0x10e, irq 5 failed get dev info on socket 1 failed: Resource temporarily unavailable

I tried to exclude irq 5, but then I get the same message
with another irq number.

Please let me know if I should carry out any other tests
and thanks for any help you may provide.


PS: your reply did not reach me as email, though I activated
the corresponding button on the form.

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