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Forum: PCMCIA ATA/IDE Device Issues
Date: 2000, Jun 27
From: Heather Stern starshine

I have at this point two PCMCIA-to-raw-IDE-pins devices which only work up to a certain point in Linux. Specifically, these gadgets allow me to attach any normal laptop drive to its pins, then insert the PCMCIA cable and voila! IDE mounting of a drive should occur. However, it seems to only work if the drive I am so attaching is sufficiently small and old. It works great for my old 528 MB drives (the original reason for buying the first one). One is a raw PCMCIA card with ribbon cable attachment (to IDE pinout matching 2.5" drives); the other is a pcmcia card to special plug, whose mate is on a small IDE bay (same pinout, just includes blinky-lights for power and access). Both behave similarly under Linux...

If I attach the card to a modern drive (eg 4 Gb, 12 Gb) and then insert its PCMCIA adapter to a 2.2.16 system, I get
  cs: socket 0 timed out during reset
although the drive does power up.  I then eject it because I don't want to harm the drives (though re-introducing them to their ordinary brackets shows them to be fine).

Under MSwin it mounts up correctly (verified using explore2fs, my drives don't tend to have vfat much anymore) using the utterly generic MSHDC driver ("generic IDE/ESDI"). Under OpenBSD it misbehaves a bit differently (and I'm in e-chat with them seperately). The point is that it's very clear that it is only a driver update that's needed. I'll be glad to send one of these "CarryDisk" adapters to the applicable developer if he or she would update it for modern use. They're pleasantly inexpensive for a multipurpose PCMCIA card. Its not-really-bright documentation is dated August 1998, and it doesn't seem to be a newer/cardbus device.

Since I don't have one I couldn't test this, but I'm wildly guessing that it would work correctly for IDE drives under 2 Gb. Thanks in advance!

Heather Stern -*- starshine

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