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Sad ATA Flash card fails on Thinkpad 240 

Forum: PCMCIA ATA/IDE Device Issues
Date: 2000, Jul 13
From: Eric Smith brouhaha

I have an old 10 megabyte IBM "ThinkPad File" PCMCIA flash card (IBM P/N 66G3014, FRU P/N 48G9900). It works fine with Red Hat 6.1 on my desktop computer at home, using an SCM interface (Vadem chip). This is using whatever version of pcmcia-cs Red Hat shipped with 6.1.

But on my ThinkPad 240 which apparently uses a TI PC1211 Cardbus bridge, the flash card isn't recognized. I get no beeps when I insert the card. On the ThinkPad I'm running Red Hat 6.2 with their kernel-2.2.14-5.0 updates, so it has pcmcia-cs version 3.1.8.

On insertion, the kernel logs:

Jul 13 16:35:35 zorac kernel: cs: socket 0 timed out during reset

Cardctl status reports:

Socket 0:
  3.3V 16-bit PC Card
  function 0: [busy]

Cardctl control reports:

Socket 0:
  Vcc 3.3V  Vpp1 3.3V  Vpp2 3.3V

I strongly suspect that those voltages are wrong. When I go home tonight I'll see what the desktop machine reports.

A week ago I borrowed a SanDisk 48M CF card with a PCMCIA adapter, and it worked fine in the ThinkPad.

All of my other PCMCIA and CardBus cards seem to work fine in the ThinkPad, including:

  • Linksys PCMPC200 CardBus 10/100 Ethernet
  • Adaptec SlimSCSI 1480A CardBus (works great even though the support is experimental, I can write CD-R at 8X!)
  • IBM Home & Away 10 Mbps Ethernet/14.4 Modem
  • an OEM'd New Media Bus Toaster SCSI card
  • several different Megahertz modems

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