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Question Compact Flash Hangs old Laptop 

Forum: PCMCIA ATA/IDE Device Issues
Date: 2000, Jul 14
From: Rui-Tao Dong rdong

I have an old NEC Versa 25c, which is was retired from its
Xterminal duty. (Replaced by an I-Opener :-).  I thought it
would be a good storage device (1.3GB) for my digital camera
for trips.  Unfortunately, it doesn't quite work.

The symptom is that inserting the CF card (w/ PCMCIA adapter)
completely hangs the machine, no message, no log, no response.

I am running RH 6.2 with CS 3.12 on a 25MHz i486.  The PCMCIA
slot works fine w/ a network card (Thomas Conrad), wireless
card (Wavelan) and sram card (Fuji).  The Nikon CF card
(SanDisk?) works fine on my UDB (Alpha Multia) with RH 6.2
CS 3.12 and my Zoomer.

This may not be a Linux problem.  I notice that the BIOS
wouldn't even run on poweron when the CF card is in
the slot.  However, I was hoping that the Kernel has more
control than the BIOS.

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