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Sad things don't sound good if Hinds doesn't know... 

Forum: PCMCIA Installation and Configuration Issues
Re: Question only one socket recognized on a machine with 2 Type II's (Jesse)
Re: None This setup sounds strange to me (David Hinds)
Date: 2000, May 21
From: Jesse calig007

I put the extra_sockets=1 in /etc/sysconfig/pcmcia, but 
rebooting the system got me the same messages. I used to use 
this laptop with Win 95 and both slots. The computer is a AST
Ascentia 910N (486DX4/75Mhz 8Mb + 4Mb addition module). Linux
is build 2.0.35, Caldera Openlinux 1.3. Thanks for your help-

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