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Question Adaptec 1480 SCSI not quite working, other PCMCIA does 

Forum: PCMCIA Installation and Configuration Issues
Date: 2000, Jun 06
From: S. Allen allen18

Red Hat 6.2 running on Vivante SE laptop (PII 333). PCMCIA services work, as 3C ethernet card works fine, can plug and unplug, etc.
1. Trying to get Adaptec 1480 SCSI to work. During boot, get message about PCMCIA at 35/0/0 AIC-7xxx memory allocation


After booting, when I run card diagnostics,
2. cardctl ident -- correctly identifies both cards, the netword and the SCSI
3. cardctl status -- says both cards working, IRQ 3 and 9

4. lspci -

lists 20, the 3Com 10/100 Ethernet card.
lists 23, the Adaptec 1480 SCSI card -I tried each card individually in the slots, and switched slots.

Called Red Hat, who basically walked me through the SCSI section of your HOW-TO, but they were also a little vague about exact addresses, etc.

I added two lines to PCMCIA file--

#Extra Port range for Adaptec 1480
include port 0x500-ox6af

--The HOWTWO says that a large range is required
for this card
(This is supposed to start on a 256 boundary and be 256).

5. Same result. Error message on boot, SCSI:0

I have an HP T20 tape drive, Yamaha CD ROM writer, and Seagate Hard drive hooked to SCSI card with a External terminator on the Hard Drive. These work fine under Windows 2000. (Should I make the chain simpler, or is it the
SCSI card?)

I know you are busy, so would appreciate help from someone. I need the room on the external harddrive as the laptop HD is only 4 GB and is nearly full.

Thanks a lot, also pardon any lack of knowledge as I am only about 3 days into LINUX.

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