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Re: Question Help with PCMCIA 3.1.16 and kernel 2.2.16 (Dave Persing)
Date: 2000, Jun 14
From: Dave Persing dave_p

I still got the segmentation fault when I tried to execute the start up script for PCMCIA. I tried taking out the -n option for modprobe, and it booted up in 2.2.14 (not in 2.2.16) but when I tried 2.2.16, it gave me the same error again. Then, when I tried taking out the lines completely, I still got a segmentation fault!

I'm still examining the script to make sure there aren't other faults that I'm missing..Could the fact that I'm running SuSE with a precompiled kernel mean anything? perhaps my laptop just hates me? Other thoughts? Suggestions? Flames about my stupid laptop?

Just an afterthought, thanks to the guy(s?) who made the script for making the Netgear FA410TXC. you guys are a godsend.

Thanks a ton! Dave

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