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Question Kernel source tree from RPMs 

Forum: PCMCIA Installation and Configuration Issues
Date: 1999, Nov 26
From: Peter Townsend Pete

I'm new to this area and have run into a snag -- the folks at redhat keep telling to post to new groups for help!?

Problem: I'm trying to compile the pcmcia package. 'make config' asks for linux src. I only have headers installed (rehat 6.1). I copy kernel source rpm from CD2 and install (rpm -ivh ...). Nothing appears to install in /usr/src/linux. /usr/source/redhat/SOURCES appears to have the kernal source. I can't figure-out how to create the source tree. THere are many files including "patches" which I'm unfamiliar with. I know I can get the source in tar format from other locations; but this particular machine isn't on the internet yet.

Any hints on creating the kernel source tree from the redhat distributed rpms?


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