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Question wvlan_cs and 2.4.0-test5 

Forum: PCMCIA Installation and Configuration Issues
Date: 2000, Aug 07
From: Jon Lasser jonlasser

OK, I've built the modules correctly and can get the wvlan_cs module loaded under 2.4.0test5 and the latest pcmcia-cs 3.1.20 beta (27 July, if I'm correct).

I had everything working with 2.3.99pre6 or something like that, and 3.1.11 or thereabouts.

However, I'm not able to actually connect to anything with my new kernel and pcmcia-cs package: I've tried both managed (my usual mode) and ad-hoc, and in either case the card looks like it's connected but:

   1. The access point addr is 44:44:44:44...
   2. It's picked some random encryption key (I don't use the
   3. DHCP doesn't find any address (multiple environments
      where it used to work)
   4. After configuring wvlan0 manually, I can't see anyone on
      a broadcast ping. Even after playing around with routing

Admittedly, I don't think I've rebuild wireless-tools v20, so it's possible that the problem lies elsewhere. The newer kernel performs much more happily with my system in other respects, so I'd like to get it working with this.

And the killer is that now it doesn't work when I boot my older kernel, either. Fails the same way, too. So presumably the change is in the utils rather than in the module (or diffs between the two versions cause the old module to fail with the new pcmcia-cs utils with the same symptoms as the new version does...)

Tnx for any help,

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