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Question Sycard PCChost 1200 supported? 

Forum: PCMCIA Installation and Configuration Issues
Date: 2000, Aug 09
From: Paul Graham grahamp

I have a Sycard PCChost 1200 and a system running RedHat 6.2 with the "stock" version of the kernel (2.2.14-5.0) and pcmcia-cs (version 3.1.8). Does this (or any) version of pcmcia-cs work with the PCChost 1200 board? If so, are there any special settings that are required to get the board working? I noticed an earlier comment on this list that seemed to indicate that some people have worked with the board under Linux.



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1. None Yes, but there is a trick by David Hinds, 2000, Aug 09
(_ Question Trick for IRQ's on Sycard PCChost 1200?? by Paul Graham, 2000, Aug 11

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