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Question Trick for IRQ's on Sycard PCChost 1200?? 

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Re: Question Sycard PCChost 1200 supported? (Paul Graham)
Re: None Yes, but there is a trick (David Hinds)
Date: 2000, Aug 11
From: Paul Graham grahamp

Thanks for the configuration info--the PCChost 1200 is working well except for interrupts. Is there something additional I must do to get CardBus interrupts to work with the PCChost 1200? With the no irq_mode defined, /proc/interrupts claims that my CardBus device(s) have irqs 3 and 5, but I am not convinced that things are working properly since /proc/interrupts tells me that 0 interrupts have occurred when I know several should have taken place. Further, my diagnostic tests on the interrupts never receive their expected interrupts, timing out long after the interrupts should have occurred.

On boot, I get the following:

 Aug 10 15:03:52 shmack kernel: Linux PCMCIA Card Services 3.1.19 
 Aug 10 15:03:52 shmack kernel:   kernel build: 2.2.5-15 #1 Mon Apr 19 23:00:46 EDT 1999 
 Aug 10 15:03:52 shmack kernel:   options:  [pci] [cardbus] [apm] 
 Aug 10 15:03:52 shmack kernel: PCI routing table version 1.0 at 0xfdf30 
 Aug 10 15:03:52 shmack kernel:   00:0f.1 -> irq 9 
 Aug 10 15:03:52 shmack kernel: Intel PCIC probe:  
 Aug 10 15:03:52 shmack kernel:   TI 1220 rev 02 PCI-to-CardBus at slot 00:0f, mem 0x68000000 
 Aug 10 15:03:52 shmack kernel:     host opts [0]: [serial pci & irq] [no pci irq] [lat 168/176] [bus 32/34] 
 Aug 10 15:03:52 shmack kernel:     host opts [1]: [serial pci & irq] [pci irq 9] [lat 168/176] [bus 35/37] 
 Aug 10 15:03:52 shmack kernel:     ISA irqs (default) = 3,4,5,7,10,12 polling interval = 1000 ms 

I changed the irq_mode to 0,1,2,3 and no improvement, though, for mode 0, the controller could not assign any interrupts.

Before asking you, I asked Sycard about Linux support and here is something that may explain what needs to be done:

> 2.  What is required to enable the PCChost 1200 for Linux? 
> The HOST1200.SYS driver is used to initialize the PCI1220 CardBus controller 
> for use with  
> Windows 9x. HOST1200.SYS also configures the programmable I/O pins for use 
> with the  
> indicator LEDs, interrupt type and power switch chip (TPS2206). HOST1200.SYS 
> will do  
> this initialization on boot-up. HOST1200.SYS performs the following:   
> Enable PCIC Legacy address at 3E0H by setting PCI configuration space 44H = 
> 03E0 and 46H = 0000H.  
> Enable I/O and memory accesses by setting bits 0 and 1 in the PCI Command 
> register at offset 04H in PCI Configuration space.  
> Enable clock to external voltage switch chip (TPS2206) by setting bit 27 in 
> the System Control register at PCI configuration offset 80H.  
> Configure multifunction pins for PCChost 1200 by setting the multifunction 
> routing register at PCI configuration space offset 8CH to 1DC7H and offset 
> 8EH to 0007H.  
> Enable ExCA legacy interrupts by setting bit 7 in the bridge control register 
> at PCI configuration space offset 3EH.  
> A similar initialization routine will be required for Linux.  Let know if you 
> have any questions or problems. 

Unfortunately, I don't know the anatomy of the i82365.c module or any of the pcmcia-cs code well enough to implement any of these configuration steps without some hints. If these initialization steps aren't being taken care of by version 3.1.19, how might I add them (and where)?



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