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More I now have 1 card working. But not Compaq WLAN card. 

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Date: 2000, Aug 11
From: Talei McLeod talei

I have found one card that is correctly identified. (However I don't have a linux driver for this card so I don't know whether it would have been 100% successful).

I still cannot get my WLAN card to work. It is a Compaq WL100 card.

When the card is inserted there is a low beep followed by a high beep.

I have tried adjusting the memory ranges as suggested in the HOWTO but to no luck. (I have only succeeded in creating configurations which don't recognise the card that was being recognised).

I have also tried excluding different irq's.

I have these details about the card and reader from Windows :

PC Card Reader :

Memory range : 0c002000-0c002fff

WLAN Card :

IRQ : 10 I/O : 1800-1835

Any suggestions on how to get this card going would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Talei.

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