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Question Help with an Ricoh ISA-to-PCMCIA bridge card 

Forum: PCMCIA Installation and Configuration Issues
Date: 1999, Dec 31
From: Jin Yang jyang

Hi, Happy New Year!

It drives me nuts trying to get a WebGear Aviator2.4 Wireless card to work with my Pentium 60MHz Linux desktop through an ISA-to-PCMCIA adapter Webgear provides.

The machine recognizes the adapter during booting but fails to recognizes any PCMCIA card plugged in. It always identifies the card as "anonymous memory". Here is detailed information:

  o The linux kernel is 2.0.35.

  o The adapter card is recognized as:

     Ricoh RF5C296/396 ISA-to-PCMCIA at port 0x3e0 ofs 0x00, 1 socket
       host opts [0]: none
       ISA irqs (scanned) = 3,7,11,14,15 status cha

  o I've tried two different PCMCIA releases without success.

    When I tried "cardctl ident":

    - release 3.0.14 reports no product information available.
    - release 3.0.4 reports the weired manfid (I forgot exactly what it is,
      something like 0x2010 0x1000) for all types of PCMCIA cards that I

  o I've tried many different memory and io port settings without success.

This adapter works fine on another Linux desktop which is Pentium 133 MMX.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks a million!

- Jin

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