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Ok Older version(s) seems to work. 

Forum: PCMCIA Installation and Configuration Issues
Re: None Problems with Vadem VG-469 isa bridge (Steve Kann)
Date: 1999, Dec 15
From: Dan dan

My symptoms :

kernel - 2.0.34
pcmcia - 3.1.x
card - lucent ISA to pcmcia, single slot, based on vadem 469 chip
computer - old 486-s 33/66/100 ...

default setup/boot hung-up on cardmgr - I went to 'by-hand' mode...

insmod of 'pcmcia_core' (no opts) worked
insmod of 'i82365' (no opts) hangs, but machine OK, <CR> ok, ^C-s nogo
(try many timing options consider debugging - nogo)

lsmod at this point (from another window...) shows i82365 there, but not initialized.


My solution :

peruse web and see many using this card OK, others not OK.
try three different ISA motherboard machines, all same.
try late 2.x.x release of pcmcia_cs from archives - my client drivers need 3.x.x (ug)
try 3.0.13 pcmcia - wa-la - works so far...

Thoughts from web notes (from others):

somewhere between vadem support enabled and the current 3.x releases that some 'feature' was added (for 2.2.x+ kernels?) that busts the initialization of the vadem chip in this case.

Thanks to all for help and advice. I hope this will save some others as much time as you all have saved me!

Thanks for a great tool-kit Dave!


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