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None Linksys PCM100H1 Ethernet connection works, but not HPNA 

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Re: Question Install and config of Linksys desktop PCMRDWR reader writer and PCM100H1 card (Jeff Gembler)
Date: 2000, Apr 05
From: Jeff Gembler jeffrey.gembler

Getting real close now.

I changed the IP addresses so that 

  -  On the Linux PC,  the Linksys PCMCIA card Model No. PCM100H1  has an IP address  
     of       ( instead of )

  -  the Win 98 PC that Iím trying to ping has a Diamond Mulmedia  Eth / HPNA card,   
     I set the IP address there to

The Ethernet connection works,  both PCs can ping each other.

The HPNA connection does not work.  I unplug the Eth cable from both PCs and plug in the 
HPNA phone  line  (straight thru phone line).    When I try the pings with HPNA I get the 
destination host unreachable message.

Note:  The HPNA connection on the Win 98 machine does work with another Win 98 machine.

Does the Linksys PCM100H1 card need to be,  or can it be,   configured to auto-select the interface ?
Or can it be set to be HPNA only ?    
From Linux ?

From reading the Linksys documentation,  I had thought and hoped that the 
interface would auto-select.

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