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Question Can I do something to get HPNA to work ? 

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Re: Question Install and config of Linksys desktop PCMRDWR reader writer and PCM100H1 card (Jeff Gembler)
Re: None Linksys PCM100H1 Ethernet connection works, but not HPNA (Jeff Gembler)
Date: 2000, Apr 06
From: Jeff Gembler jeffrey.gembler

I have another Linksys PCMRDWR reader / writer,   so I installed it into a Win 98 machine.
With the Linksys PCM100H1 PCMCIA card inserted,   I installed drivers for the reader / writer  and  card.
Also setup the IP address for the PCMCIA card.

The HPNA part of the card worked fine under Win 98.
Using the PCMCIA HPNA connection I was able to get two Win 98 PCs to ping each other.

Under  Network Neighborhood,  Properties,  Linksys PCMCIA TCP/IP,  Advanced Tab
there are settings for:

  Connection Type
     100 Mbps
     100 Mbps Full Duplex
     10 Mbps 
     10 Mbps Full Duplex
     Auto Sense

  Phone Line Config
     Auto Config
     High Power / High Speed (HPH         // line was truncated
     High Power / Low Speed (HPLS        //
     Low Power / High Speed (LPHS        //

I selected  Connection Type = Auto Sense,     Phone Line Config = Auto Config

Is there any way for me to configure this  ( Auto Sense / Auto Config )  under Linux ?
Or a way, at least for now, to write to registers, without using a config file ?

Do I have a chance of modifying the code to add this,  if it isnít already there ?

Did you use a technical reference manual/spec in writing the code for the 
Linksys PCM100H1 PCMCIA card ?

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