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Question Memory probe failures with kernels somewhat later 2.3.28 

Forum: PCMCIA Installation and Configuration Issues
Date: 2000, Feb 29
From: Lutz <>

I need some help. I have got kernel 2.3.28 up and running 
without problems, using pcmcia 3.1.11. /proc/iomem tells me:

20000000-20000fff : Texas Instruments PCI1131
  20000000-20000fff : i82365
20001000-20001fff : Texas Instruments PCI1131 (#2)
  20001000-20001fff : i82365
a0000000-a0000fff : card services

When I now try kernel 2.3.48 with modularized pcmcia (else apm
problems, see my post there), neither my NE2000 compatible
network card (8390) nor my scsi card (aha152x_cs) are no
longer accepted. The modules pcmcia_core, i82365, and ds
are loaded without problems. Inserting the card, all I get is
a high and low beep and /var/state/pcmcia/stab tells me that 
there is Anonyous Memory. I tried one memory range after


I don't understand why even the 0xa0000000-0xa0ffffff range
is no longer accepted...

Why? Thank you for any hint...

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1. More Problem no longer there... by Lutz, 2000, Mar 01

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