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None The wedged irq is not the main problem, anyway 

Forum: PCMCIA Installation and Configuration Issues
Re: Sad IRQ 11 wedged with 3.1.11/3.1.12 on Dell Inspiron 5000 (Scott Porter)
Date: 2000, Mar 10
From: David Hinds <>

The "PCI irq seems to be wedged!" message is telling you that a rogue
device is sharing that PCI interrupt, and is holding that interrupt
active, even though the driver for that device isn't loaded.  So the
PCMCIA drivers can't use the PCI interrupt: it will be continuously
triggered until that rogue device (whatever it is) is told to stop.

The wedged PCI interrupt is not really a problem, because the i82365
driver will automatically use ISA interrupts instead.  It does not
explain why one socket would not work.

If you insert a card in socket 1, what does "cardctl status" say?  You
say "nothing happens", so I assume you don't hear any beeps at all.
Does anything happen if you issue a "cardctl insert" command?

After a cold boot, with no cards inserted, can you also send me the
contents of /proc/bus/pccard/00/pci and /proc/bus/pccard/01/pci?

-- Dave

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