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Ok Antec DataChute notes 

Forum: PCMCIA Installation and Configuration Issues
Re: Question RH6.1 with 2.2.14 (Duane Gustavus)
Date: 2000, Mar 15
From: Duane Gustavus duane


I just spent a long weekend and more getting pcmcia services running on my RedHat Linux system using the 2.2.14 kernel and pcmcia-services 3.1.12. I thought I would relate a few issues that might be of help to others (a trail of crumbs in the darksome forest as it were).

I am using an Antec DataChute ISA-PCMCIA device in my desktop. This device uses a VIA VT83C469 chip which is evidently compatible with the i82365 (ie it seems to work with the flash card I am using). It also expects to be the secondary IDE controller, so you will need to disable the secondary IDE controller on your motherboard to make it happy (yes that means you will have to move any IDE devices currently on the secondary channel off). My /etc/sysconfig/pcmcia file looks like:

 PCIC_OPTS="irq_list=10,11 has_ring=0"

The PCIC_OPTS line is set to the IRQs I want the adapter to use (in other words, you may well wish to change this). This is a PnP board, so while I set my BIOS to answer NO to the PnP OS question, I built an entry for isapnp.conf using pnpdump. I was able to comment out the IO line because it was causing problems during boot. If you don't use a PnP card, you will avoid this hassle.

Through the good offices of David Hinds, the last problem squashed was the mount specification for /tmp. I always use a separate partition for /tmp with the nosuid and nodev mount options for security purposes. The cardmgr makes a couple of device files in /tmp which will of course fail if you use the nodev option. David is considering the relocation of those files, but if you use the nodev mount option, you will need to make sure cardmgr doesn't try to open it's device files in that particular partition.

I would like to thank David Hinds for his speedy response to my m'aidez, not to mention the quick isolation of my problem. I hope these notes are of use to the next person down this path.

Cheers, Duane

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