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Re: Question PCMCIA Problem with 3COM 3C562D/3C563D "eth0: interrupt(s) dropped" (John Auld)
Re: None Dropped interrupts (David Hinds)
Date: 2000, Mar 17
From: John Auld jxa

Thanks for the prompt reply.

The Laptop is a Twinhead Voyager.

dmesg reports a Cirrus PD6729 PCI-to-PCMCIA chip and the PCMCIA services load the following modules (listed from `cat /proc/modules`)

3c589_cs 1 0
serial_cs 2 1
ds 2 [serial_cs 3c589_cs] 2
i82365 5 2
pcmcia_core 9 [serial_cs 3c589_cs ds i82365] 8

Software versions
kernel = 2.0.37
PCMCIA Services = 3.0.12
3c589 driver = v0.99H

I have used a boot floppy version of Linux as a means to recover data on Win9x laptops at work that are un-bootable or too unstable for use (I will need to use this many times!!!) and I have not yet read all of the init and config scripts, but I can configure the PCMCIA start up options if I need to.

Thanks again for your help.

John Auld

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1. None Probably just an interrupt conflict by David Hinds, 2000, Mar 20

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