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Note in case 3.1.2 or higher is hanging your system.... 

Forum: PCMCIA Installation and Configuration Issues
Date: 1999, Nov 10
From: Adam Di Carlo aph

On my Dell Inspiron 3000, when I upgraded from 3.1.1 to 3.1.2 (and from the changelog, I assume this would still hold with 3.1.3), I got sudden hangs when loading the card services (i82365.o). It's described in the HOWTO as in IRQ issue.

I was able to work-around this problem by adding PCIC_OPTS="pci_csc=0" in /etc/pcmcia.conf, thereby disabling the PCI IRQ scan, which was hanging my box.

Just FYI. David, I don't know if this is common, but it was a few days of distress for me. Hope this helps some other poor soul...

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